Ever the engineering type, Gyro is the type of bird who likes to work on different projects, making new things. Lately much of that work has been for the local shipyard, but who knows where his interests will take him in the future.


Gyro strives to make himself the life of the party and is always out to make himself new friends and acquaintances. Loving bars and other social gatherings, he hates spending evenings alone most nights.


As he is a peacock, Gyro strives to maintain his appearance, both literally and figuratively. He spends much of his morning preening his feathers perfectly and working in scented oils before mingling with others to improve his image.

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Preening at Sunset

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Additional Info


Gyro wasn’t always a gryphon. If fact, he used to be a unicorn, though that was long past. As he used to see other species as beneath ponies, he had a go at a zebra one time, and they decided he needed a change of perspective. Gyro ignored the words of the powerful curse cast upon him at his own peril, and when he went to bed that evening, he awoke in the morning as a gryphon. It’s taken him many months to get through the trauma of the transformation and get used to his new feathery form, but now he enjoys it, and he has learned a lesson about respecting others…though he still holds a dislike for zebras.


Gyro is quite outgoing, and active in both the political scene and the social scene in his home town. Ever opinionated, he participates in the council meetings, though he himself is not a member of it. He often spends the night out on the town, either at bars and restaurants or entertainment venues like the theatre. He loves putting himself in situations where he gets to meet new people, especially those that he finds cute…and he finds may people cute. That said, the one thing he has a distaste for his high society and avoids such things like a plague.


While Gyro still receives a stipend from his parents, his day job that he uses to keep himself entertained is engineering. Lately he’s taken interest in the naval architecture scene of his port town and has made it a mission to learn what he can. At this point, he’s designed several vessels from top to bottom, and in each one strives to make improvements. That said, there’s something to be said to trying new things, and he’s finding his sights settling on perhaps the design of airships next.

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Anthro Bird

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Full Bird

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