Whether taking place in a fantasy land of low technology or exploring the multitude of planets available in space, Luvashi is a bold explorer, eager to seek out new lands to explore and document.


Always looking to try new things, Luvashi is never one to shy away from new experiences and adventures and is especially quite fond of trying out the local flavor.


As exploring the stars, or even new parts of a planet will try one in new ways, Luvashi quick on her feet, able to come up with new plans to get herself out of any situation that may arise.

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Luvashi all geared up with exosuit and weapons.

Geared for Battle

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Luvashi Dancing

Doing Some Dances

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Luvashi in the Jungle

Out and Exploring

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Luvashi Got Grabbed

Getting Into Trouble

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Unlike traditional Avali, Luvashi is a water-based life form, though she does still hail from arctic climates. To this end, her entire body is covered in thick downy feathers, though they only enable her to glide in the densest of atmospheres. Her mouth is filled with sharp pointed teeth and the flesh within is purple, as her blood is purple as well. She has poor nearsightedness, though her four ears more than make up for it, as they can easily pinpoint the location of things through passive sonar.


Naturally a social creature, she loves to interact with creatures of her own kind, and even those of other intelligent life forms. Even so, she's likely to regard her own species as mor important than those of others. Still, she loves to hear the music of other races, as its very important to her given Avali's natural inclination towards sound. Even still, she mostly keeps in touch with her pack through digital communications, as her missions take her far away from home to uncharted parts of the universe.


Traditionally played as a space fairing creature, she has her own FTL vessel that she's the captain of, though of a smaller class with minimal crew, suitable for exploratory missions. She carries around an advanced wrist computer that can produce a limited amount of nanites for fabrication. However, the only implants she has are the standard Avali nanomedicalbots which provide resistance to poisons and disease, as well as help to repair her injuries, as well as a modification that allows her body to stretch quite a bit.


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